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What is the BEST coon hunting light?

Zachary Conkey

What is the BEST coon hunting light?

This is such a loaded question and I see it EVERY DAY. Someone gets on Facebook and posts the question and then everyone gives their opinion. You end up with about 73 different answers and are more confused than before you posted. It’s not about what the BEST light is, it’s all about which light is BEST for you! I am in no way a light expert, but I have taken every single light we sell to the woods and tested them. I’ve compared them and every light we sell will make a hunter happy. We don’t sell products that don’t work. Hopefully, this blog is helpful. If you have any questions feel free to call the store and ask for Zach or Corey. We love talking lights! (904) 692-1568 You can also check out the link below for more pricing and info!


Frequently Asked Questions

Burn Time - This is a big concern for everyone but I can assure you that every light I talk about will make it through an early and late round and probably the next night or two as well. We don’t sell a light that will die on you in the woods. Of course, a good rule of thumb is to keep it charged between hunts.
Lumens - We get asked about this a lot. The simple answer is that I have no idea… But, they are BRIGHT. All of these light builders are competing so no lumens will be spared. 
Warranty - All of the lights we sell come with a warranty. We only use light builders who stand behind their products. They range anywhere from 2 years (you only pay for parts after) to lifetime warranties. These lights can be expensive so it’s good to know you are covered. 

Let’s talk about the lights! Below you will find a little info about every light we sell and hopefully, this helps when making your decision

Sunspot Copperhead
- Best Natural Color Beam
-Switch on front

-Natural Color Beam (Yellowish Tint)
-Spot - Walk - Red - Amber - Green Laser

Sunspot has been putting out awesome lights for a while and they are becoming more popular every day. They come with a lifetime warranty that people love and they stand behind it. This light is lightweight on your head with a smaller battery box. The main beam, walk, red and amber lights are BRIGHT making it a top-of-the-line light for competition hunting. If you have success finding coons with a more yellowish color light, the Copperhead is the best out there. We have shipped these all over the country and everyone is happy with them. 

Razor Z1 - This Light Just Makes Sense
-Switch on back
-Natural Off-White Color Beam 
-Spot - Walk - Red - Green Laser

When you look at this light for the first time you can tell it’s made from quality parts and built to last. The Razor Z1 is a sharp-looking light but it’s also built for the competition hunter. Designed by a current competition coon hunter the switch design is different and what you want when walking into a tree with money on the line. When you click the switch backwards you have your walk light. When clicking the switch forward you will find the red lights followed by the main beam, the perfect order when shining a tree in a comp hunt. The red and walk lights are awesome and the main beam is a nice soft natural white color. This light is truly RAZOR SHARP.

Bright Eyes Heatseeker Pro - The Best Seller
-Switch on back
-Bright White Color Beam
-Spot - Walk - Red - Amber - Green Laser

If you coon hunt, you have heard the name Bright Eyes. They have been around a long time and there is a reason for that. The Heatseeker Pro is a great light and you can’t speak enough on its brightness. This light has the best of the bright white beams and all of the bells and whistles you would need in any situation. Out of all the Bright Eyes models this one is on TOP. It’s a well-rounded light that leaves nothing desired and it’s our best-selling light for a reason.

Boss Patriot - Ole Reliable
-Switch on front
-Choice of Beam
-Spot - Walk - Red - Red Laser

We have a Boss prototype that is older than any dog currently hunting and it’s still going strong. The Boss light is the toughest light on the market. They truly stand the test of time and the builder stands behind them. There hasn’t been a new Boss model in a while, but don’t let that scare you away. The main beam competes with any light as far as brightness. These lights will never leave you in the dark and they’re perfect for the hard hunters. Next time you go to a big hunt take a look around, you will see a bunch of older Boss lights because they keep going forever. 

Cajun Blinder - Well-Rounded
-Switch on front
-Bright White Beam
-Spot - Walk - Red - Amber - Green Laser

This is one of our newest lights and we have been impressed. This light is as bright as any and has some nice features. The 4 levels of the main beam are sure to meet your needs as well as a nice red and amber light. It’s a comfortable and well-rounded light that has been tested in the swamp and has passed with flying colors. The snaps on the back also allow you to change back and forth between a bump and a soft cap with ease if you have both available. This truly is a blinding light and lives up to its name. 

Tall Timber Mark 2 - Best Bang For Your Buck
-Switch on front
-Choice of Beam 
-Spot - Walk - Red - Option to add Green Laser

This light is COMFORTABLE. The heads on the Tall Timber Lights are 3D printed making them much lighter than most. The walk light on the Mark 2 is also BRIGHT. This combination makes the light perfect for those hunting hard. The main beam is also nice and tight making it perfect for those with a thermal. You can honestly shine most trees with the walk light as well, it’s just that good. You now have the option to add a Green Laser as well for an extra fee. With or without the laser, this light is the best deal out there!

Other Great Choices

- Best Youth/Budget Light - Tall Timber Mark 1 - With the 3D printed head, this light weighs next to nothing. It’s the most inexpensive light out there with a red light. Great for youth hunters at a price you will love! 
- Balanced - Sunspot Sniper - This light competes with any of the top lights out there. Simple to use and very comfortable and balanced on your head. This light stands the test of time as well.

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