Conkey's Outdoors Trade-In

Conkey’s Outdoors has been known for our Garmin trade-in program for over a decade and we love to help you get the new gear you need! We make trading your Garmin equipment easy and pain free while getting the new gear in your hands quick! 

The process is simple 

1) Check to see if your gear is trade eligible (below) 

2) Print off the Trade-In Form and fill it out completely

3) Box up the items with your Trade-In form and ship them to us

4) When we receive your trade-in items we will give you a call with any questions

5) We will process your payment if needed and your new gear will arrive at your front door! 

Items we take on trade in & prices (working only)

Astro 320 Handheld - $50 
Astro 430 Handheld - $200
Alpha 100 Handheld - $300
DC50 Collar - $80
T5 Collar - $125
TT15 Collar - $175
DriveTrack 71 - $200

We also take some non working equipment 

Broken Alpha 100 Handheld - $100
Broken T5 Collar - $50
Broken TT15 Collar - $50

*Prices vary depending on condition & are subject to change

Download, Print & Fill Out the Trade-In Form here!

Shipping Addresses

Conkey’s Outdoors 
Po Box 984
Hastings, FL 32145

Conkey’s Outdoors
104 N Orange St (Unit 5)
Hastings, FL 32145

If equipment is non-working you will be charged for return shipping and the trade cannot be processed