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Last Minute Christmas Ideas For Your Hound Hunter

Zachary Conkey


Last Minute Christmas Ideas For Your Hound Hunter 

You’ve waited until last minute to get that hunter in your life the perfect gift for Christmas! What do you get them? Where do you look? Do they have it in stock? Can I get it in time to put it under the tree? We’ve all been there… We understand the urgency and we are here to help! Whether you are looking for something big or small we can hopefully help you find that perfect gift. Here are some ideas that we can get shipped quick! 

Small Items That Bring a Big Smile 

Looking for smaller and more budget friendly gifts? We have you covered!

Collars & Leads

Nothing is better than a brand new dog collar with a name plate or a lead that is your hunters favorite color. We have dozens of collar and lead options. We have these in stock and make your custom tags the day you order. The Conkey’s Collar Kit is also a great gift to help make your hunter’s tracking collars look new again. 


Extending your hound tracking range is important! We have a LOT of antenna choices that go on the Garmin & Dogtra handhelds and collars. Our Ultra Bend Antenna gives you great range and folds for portability. The NEW Reflective Tuff Skin antennas replace a chewed up antenna on your tracking collar extending range and they look great! 

Water Tanks 

These are a hot seller! It may be a little cold to think about summer right now, but the aluminum water tanks are the best way to keep your dogs hydrated. The water tanks are can be mounted on top of the dog box and hold a little over 5 gallons of water. We also have Aluminum Spill Proof Water Bowls that mount on the inside of the dog box and last forever.

BIG Gifts

These are the gifts that every Hound Hunter is looking for! If you have any questions about these give us a call @ (904) 692-1568

Garmin Tracking Systems

Most hound hunters would tell you that in 2022 a tracking system is about the most valuable piece of equipment they own. Whether they are training dogs, competition hunting or pleasure hunting, knowing where your dogs are is important! We have several options in stock and ready to get there by Christmas. 

Garmin’s newest system is the Alpha 200 & TT15X collars. The Alpha 200 Handheld has all the bells and whistles including the ability to track and train your dogs making it simple and quick. The new TT15X collars pair with the Alpha 200 and Alpha 100 handhelds and have up to 80 hours of battery life. Garmin has done a great job with their software updates making these collar more reliable and they last an entire weekend hunt on one charge. We also have the Alpha 100 and Astro 430 (Track Only) handhelds in stock. All of our new Garmin equipment comes with a 1 year warranty through us. Any issues, we get you taken care of, no questions asked. 

AGM Thermals

We know that thermals can be expensive… That’s why we found the most quality thermals we could at an affordable price. With the UKC allowing thermals to be used in competition hunts, these are the hottest item for coon hunters! The thermals are great for not only competition coon hunting but training dogs and pleasure hunting as well. We recommend the TM-19 and TM-15 and they come with a two year warranty so you don’t have to worry. 


We understand that sometimes hunting can be expensive. We offer 3 great financing options that give approval quick! We have Affirm that can be used at checkout and 2 other great options that allow you to place your order over the phone within 24 hours most of the time. All of our 3rd party financing companies do a great job making your payments transparent and they also work quickly to help you get what you need.

Everyone at Conkey’s Outdoors hopes wishes you a Merry Christmas and we hope this blog helps with those last minute gifts. If you are looking for anything in particular always feel free to give us a call @ (904) 692-1568 or message us on our Facebook Page! 

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