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Garmin TT15X & T5X Collars

Bruce Conkey


We are getting many questions on what's new with the X collars.  There are several things that have changed.


1. They have extended the battery life from around 24 hours to 60-80 hours and this is proven in all field testing. Some tests even indicate that battery life could be more than 80 hours.  Many are asking about the battery in the X collars. It is the same. Garmin made improvements with the components on the circuit board.


2. They have added the sleep mode to the X collar.  In the past they had that feature in the Mini Collars which increased their battery life…  I don't feel we should target the sleep mode as the big battery saver.  The life of the battery is better than we have ever seen.  Improvements to the circuit board is what has driven the longer battery life.  Personally I would only use the sleep mode when I have control of my dog and there is not a need to track him/her and I have my dog under control.  In a pen or controlled area (Fox Pen), at camp tied up or in a dog box for an extended time with the collars on would qualify for my use of the sleep mode.  I won’t use sleep mode in the field where I need tracking ability at a moments notice.  You want to save your battery.  Lower the communication rate on the collar as most are set on 2.5 seconds.  Go to a longer update rate if needed.  I just would hate to have my dogs collar put in sleep mode when I am now getting 80 hours out of my battery. And then the dog get outs of range that prevents me from waking the collar up and recovering the dog.  


3. These collars have the ability to being hooked up to the computer with Garmin Base Camp and mapping exactly where these collars have been.  Without using the handheld.  Years ago this was used by us to help a friend show a court of law exactly where he turned his dog out at, then where it was shot and killed by someone.


4.The x collars can be updated using a Mac Computer and Garmin Express.


As I see questions come up on different social media.  I will work on getting the correct answers for you and share them here. 


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  • Larry Jenkins on

    Recently Ihunted a dog and he was out in the mountains, he was out of range most of the time, the update time was on 2 minutes. When I picked him up it was over 96 hrs and the collar still had 3 bars. This was the TT15x, is the reason the battery lasted so long and still had 3 bars because he was out of range most of the time and was not hitting back to the handheld. How long will the last in this kind of situation. I would appreciate your feedback.

  • Jessica Blake on

    Would you do some trades for TT15 to get a TT15x

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