Upland Beeper

Upland Beeper

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The Beeper helps to let you know if your dog is on point! 

Made for upland hunters and bird dog trainers. The Upland Beeper has eight point/hunt configurations that you can change easily and manage multiple dogs at once! 

The device has amazing audible range!

The beeper sound can be remotely switched on or off (for running muted) using the beeper control button on the Delta Upland or any button on other Garmin Field and Pro models when the dial is set on "A"


  • 8 possible combinations of sounds
  • Waterproof, rugged, compact and lightweight design
  • Superior Audible Range
  • Remote Operation
  • Replaceable 3V Battery

In the Box

  • Beeper
  • Orange 3/4" strap


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