Orange 14" Flexible Antenna

Orange 14" Flexible Antenna

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Orange 14" Flexible Antenna

This ***New*** on the Market 14" Orange Flexible Antenna is intended to replace the Garmin stock rubber antenna that comes with your Alpha 100 receiver.  This antenna increases the range that you will get with your receiver. Some test have showed up to a 25% - 35% increase in range. We stay on the conservative side when talking to our customers but there's no doubt that this antenna will add range to your system.The ranges will vary depending on conditions and terrain. This 14" antenna has been tested and outperforms the other flexible antennas on the market.  The antenna is Tuff and can withstand abuse. This antenna also outperforms the stock antenna.



It’s easy to install the flexible antenna: 

- You simply unscrew the rubber factory antenna and screw this antenna in firmly by hand. 

- Never use a wrench/tools to tighten or this could cause damage to your handheld unit.


Fits- Garmin Astro 220,320,430 and, Alpha 100 

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