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DIY Microchip

Whether your dog is stolen and you need to identify it or maybe they got out of the pen and slipped there name tag collar. Once your dog is lost they start to lose weight which makes there name tag collar that was tight become really loose. 

If you have your dog Microchipped your mind can be at ease in knowing theres a greater chance of getting your dog back. 


Microchipping your dog is as easy as giving them a shot.

It is the size of a grain of rice and goes right under the dogs skin. 

Using 2 people have one person hold the dog and the other administer the shot right between the shoulder blades just under the skin. 

After doing the shot you will need to register your dogs unique Id number. Go to Freepetchipregistry.com they are also enrolled with the AAHA which is a database that most vets use when they scan a dog for there Microchip number. 

Watch the Video Below

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