Mars Mod for Icom & Yaesu Radios

Mars Mod for Icom & Yaesu Radios

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Need your radio opened up? We have you covered! 

This process makes your Icom or Yaesu amateur radio capable of transmitting outside of the amateur radio bands.   

Our in-house professional will remove the surface mount component inside of your radio making it capable of talking on all channels.

The process is easy!

1)Pay on this page and print your receipt and put it in the box with your radio.

2) Ship the radio to our store (shipping info below).

We strive to open up the the radios the day that they arrive and get them back in the mail to you. Walk-ins are also welcome!

***This service is non-refundable

Shipping Address:

USPS - Po Box 984 Hastings, FL 32145 

UPS & Fed EX - 104 N Orange St Unit 5 Hastings, FL 32145

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