Drive Track 71 Visor

Drive Track 71 Visor

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Drive Track 71 Visor

This unique sun visor clips conveniently to your Drive Track 71. It can be quickly and easily installed or removed with no adhesives and no damage to your valuable DriveTrack unit.

The unique design blocks sunlight from the top and sides of the DriveTrack screen, greatly reducing glare and reflections. You will also notice better contrast and visibility from your DriveTrack when using our specially-designed visor. And all buttons, charging ports, slots, and connections remain accessible.

The heavy-duty clip spans the full width of the DriveTrack and uses a spring for a secure and stable fit. The Visor is also compatible with our GS71 DriveTrack Cover (sold separately).


  • Lightweight and easy to "grab and go"
  • Blocks sun from top and both sides of DriveTrack screen
  • Reduces glare and reflections
  • Improves contrast and visibility
  • Heavy-duty clip with spring
  • Compatible with GS71 DriveTrack Cover (sold separately)
  • All buttons, slots, and connections are unaffected

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