Bama Socks

Bama Socks

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Waterproof boots, if truly waterproof, cannot breathe; therefore, the boot perspires, creating dampness. XTRATUF Bama socketts solve the problem! These removable, insulating boot liners combine acrylic fiber with cotton tricot to wick away perspiration and insulate against the cold.

These socketts are made in layers which allow perspiration to pass through. This comes in contact with the boot where it condenses to water, which is then absorbed by the outer layer of tough cotton knit. The inner layer is water resistant acrylic which acts as an insulator against damp and cold. These will keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable.


  • Socketts are to be worn over wool socks.
  • You should wear one size larger boot when wearing socketts
  • Hand wash gently in warm water, hang dry

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