AMS Big Game Retriever Pro

AMS Big Game Retriever Pro

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BIG GAME READY Alligator, gator gar, shark and stingray are fair game.

ALLOWS GAME TO PULL FREE Custom rigging using the slotted bottle and components allows big game to pull free from your bow by taking float.

EASY BIG GAME TRACKING Simply follow the float to retrieve big game.

We’ve gone overboard, so you don’t have to! The Retriever® Pro BIG GAME reel can handle all big game, including alligator, gator gar, shark and stingray. This reel allows the end of the line to pull free from the reel while being tied off to a float. If you shoot and miss, retrieve your arrow. If you connect, the prey will take the float.

Follow the float for easy tracking. Use with a Float or Deep-sea Rig Slotted components allow special rigging as the end of the line can be tied off to a float or deep-sea rig. A loop of line is pulled through the bottle slit and will remain tucked under the rubber collar to control tension on the float line.

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