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About the Conkey’s Outdoors Pro Staff 

We started the Conkey’s Outdoors Pro Staff in 2022 with a group of 20 hound hunters. Conkey's Outdoors uses the motto "Family-Hunting-Tradition" and we mean it. The goal of the Conkey's Outdoors Pro Staff is to promote ALL types of hunting in a positive way, get the younger generation involved and to create a family-type atmosphere that everyone will enjoy. That is all we ask... If you wear a little "Conkey's Orange" in the process, even better!

What Our Pro Staff Does

The Conkey’s Outdoors Pro Staff are some of the hardest hunters out there! We want pro staffers who represent hunting in a positive way. Hunters who are excited to share their experience with others and especially the younger generation. We aren’t just looking for competition hunters, but pleasure hunters as well. We understand that life gets busy, but we know you are thinking about that next hunt as well. If you LOVE hunting and also like sharing your experiences with others, you are a great fit! 

Why Did We Revamp The Pro Staff?

When we started our Pro Staff we got over 600 applications, and we were BLOWN AWAY! Narrowing the list to 20 people was one of the hardest things we had to do. We also only focused on Hound Hunting the first go around. We are proud of our SENIOR PRO STAFFERS and what they accomplished in the first year. They have built the foundation for what we are doing now and they are people the hunting world can look up to or turn to for advice. HUGE THANK YOU to all 20 of them. We hope to add more to that list next year. We loved what they did for us so much that we wanted to expand, but not just add a few people. We want to give everyone a chance to represent Hunting and Conkey’s Outdoors. Not just Hound Hunters, but Every type of Hunting! 

What do Pro Staffers Receive? 

Most importantly a voice! Conkey’s Outdoors wants to help lift those up who are meeting their hunting goals. We want to share your tips with others. If you have something you want to share, we want to help you! All of our Pro Staff Gear can be purchased at cost, meaning we don’t make any money on them. We want all of our Pro Staffers to have what they need to stand out. You of course don't have to buy any gear to become a Pro Staffer. We are also working on some great giveaways for the Pro Staff, more info on that to come! 

How Can We Serve You?

Conkey’s Outdoors has been around since 2007. We know our products like the back of our hand. If we don’t have the answer, we will find it! We also only sell products that we have tested and believe in. If you ever need help with any of your electronics or can’t decide on which equipment is best for you, we are here to help! We are only a phone call or message away. 

How Can I Become A Pro Staffer?

No applications are necessary, you don't have to buy any gear, just get involved! Whether it’s posting photos or tips in our group, getting young people involved in hunting or sharing everything Conkey’s Outdoors has to offer, we are beyond appreciative! We take pride in having the best pro staff out there, and we are excited to watch it grow!

How To Contact US

- Message us on Facebook!
- Give us a Call at (904) 692-1568
- Email us at: for any product questions for any Pro Staff Questions