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About Conkey's Outdoors

Conkey’s Outdoors opened in 2007 with one goal, to get people involved in dog hunting! Bruce Conkey started selling and shipping hunting supplies from his garage in San Mateo, Florida as a hobby to help friends get what they needed for the woods. What started as a very small business has grown over the years. Conkey’s not only sells hound hunting products but also deer hunting, gator hunting, hog hunting, turkey hunting and many other products that people need outdoors. As the business has grown we have added more family to the staff, some blood relatives and others are extended family. No matter how large we become, we will still strive to put our customers first! Whenever you call with questions or to place an order, you will talk to an actual person who will do their best to make sure you get exactly what you need. We also use the products we sell. If you order anything from Conkey’s Outdoors it’s a product we have tested and stand behind.

Bruce is the founder and owner of Conkey's Outdoors and has spent his life as an avid outdoorsman. In his spare time, Bruce enjoys hunting raccoons with his hound dogs and regularly uses the equipment that he sells, making him an expert in his field. He founded Conkey’s Outdoors in hopes to get the next generation involved in hunting.

Bruce is a one man welcome committee when you walk into the Conkey’s showroom. He takes pride in helping customers find exactly what they need in store and getting you the best deal possible. His loud voice and humorous personality is something our customers don’t forget. Bruce spent years in Tennessee selling and meeting customers who needed hunting gear right away and uses all of the products we sell. Bruce is an avid deer hunter and most of the bucks hanging on the walls at Conkey’s are his trophies.

Corey is the expert around Conkey’s of all things dog hunting. If you have technical questions about anything from your Garmin system acting up or your FM radio, he is your guy! Corey also tests all new products that come to the store to ensure they are worth your money and will perform for you on your next hunt. Corey loves all types of hound hunting and you can find him with his dogs in the woods running raccoons or deer.

Kelcey has been hunting since she was able to walk. Her love of hunting and animals make her the perfect fit for the Conkey’s Outdoors Staff. Before working at Conkey’s she worked in veterinary care for man years and knows everything there is about keeping animals healthy. Corey and Kelcey enjoy coon hunting, deer hunting and taking their daughters to the woods together.

Zach is what people call the “tech guy” around the office. If you reach out to Conkey’s Outdoors on Facebook or other social media, you are probably speaking to him. Zach takes pride in making sure people are aware of all the great products Conkey’s has to offer and keeping the website updated and easy to navigate. He enjoys spending late nights in the woods coon hunting with the Treeing Walker hounds.