"I will never walk to a tree again without this thermal"

Bruce Conkey

This was the view from my office last night.

Didn't get any pictures of my pup treeing as it was too thick around the tree. But Goldie did her job and treed us one.

My Grandson's wife took this picture and it is just a Blessing to be in the woods with Family along with Corey Davis and his brother TJ. One thing about last night if I had the cameras rolling at the tree, it would be a great story for seeing the value in a thermal.

You could not see the coon at all without it. The coon was plain as day with it. The thing that still amazes me, and I somewhat understand the technology, the leaves and there are a bunch of them on the outer edges of the tree, because they are the same temperature as the ambient air, Just disappear. Then you're looking right at the coon. With a light all you see are leaves.

There was a question last year if the new model Taipan thermal would work in the summer heat. We had summer heat last night and it worked great.

"I will never walk to a tree again without this thermal" - Corey Davis (Last night at the tree)

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